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The dev team and I just spent a long afternoon debugging an issue in Chrome, so we have to share the solution with you. This problem was evident in Chrome, but did not appear in Firefox. On an HTML page with a large amount of content, select drop down menus were behaving very sluggishly. After… [Read More]

Ok so here’s a quick tip I discovered that I’m putting here to remind myself, but also to inform anyone else who comes along. Sometimes when you are looking for a very old email on your iPhone you find the subject, but then trying to read the message you get the unhelpful error “This message… [Read More]

“Ahhhhh!” is the sound of countless SEO companies crying out in anguish, according to this article from CNET. This is a good thing for the internet I feel. How often have you done a Google search and ended up on a circular journey through link farms and affiliate sites, trying to find the actual answer to your… [Read More]