What’s in a name?

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  • November 15, 2011
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“Bitcraft”, thats us. Do you like our name? It’s a portmanteau of 2 words. BIT and CRAFT. What do those words mean?

A bit is the fundamental unit of any computation. It’s a 1 or a 0, on or off. 8 bits together make a byte. That byte can represent a letter or a simple colour. 1024 bytes make a kilobyte, which can represent a very small image or a paragraph of text. 1024 kilobytes make a megabyte, which can represent a much larger image, a decent piece of writing or a kitten dancing on the internet. Everything we work with in the digital world is bits. Hidden behind the scenes of your internet banking transaction, your Facebook interactions and Rebecca Black reminding us “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday” are bits. And we like to play with them.

craft : “An activity involving skill in making things by hand”
By hand? Don’t you guys use computers? Yes we do, the art of programming involves taking ideas that start in your head and flow through your hands into the machine. Every job we do, every website we build is a unique piece of work. From the visual aspect of the design, to the customised software development behind the scenes. We believe there is no such thing as an “out-of-the-box” solution. There are pre-built tools we can make use of, but everyone’s needs are different which requires us to have intimate knowledge of those tools.

Thanks for listening so far, we hope you continue to follow our story at Bitcraft. It’s an exciting time to be a web developer right now and we are looking forward to sharing our stories.