SEO, what’s the secret?

Search engine optimisation. everyone talks about it, but what is it exactly?

In broad terms it is the process of tweaking your site to to give it maximum visibility on search engines. There are countless websites and blogs that talk about the many ways to do this, so I’m not going to repeat all that information here. The key things you need to know about this are:

Have relevant, up to date content. When Google sees that your page is always kept fresh with new content then it will give higher priority to your site, than one that doesn’t change very often.

Increase inbound links. An inbound link is when a website links to you. Google uses this network of links on the internet to work out which sites are important. A site with many links coming to it can be considered a good source of information, even more so if those links are coming from other high profile websites.

Use keywords in your content. Think about the search terms that people will use when looking for your site, and use those terms within your site. Google only has a few words to work with when deciding what search results to show, if you have those words on your site it’s highly likely that your site will be returned in those results

If you are aware of those three things you will be streets ahead of many of your competitors. In future posts I’ll go into detail on these and more techniques you can use to improve your SEO.

See you round!