Museums & Galleries NSW – Collections and Stories

Museums & Galleries NSW – Collections and Stories

Posted May 7, 2019

Musuems and Galleries New South Wales (MGNSW) approached Bitcraft requesting the development of a website that would broaden access to regional museum & gallery collections by making these available digitally via an engaging online portal.

Bitcraft’s Involvement:

– Develop website prototype to support the Collections and Stories digitisation project
– Develop a hosting architecture that will suit the needs of new website
– Configure and test the hosting environment
– Load the site into the staging and production instances of the environment
– Commence a maintenance regime to keep the site up and running on its new hosting environment

The project is due to go live in 2019. Read more here.

  • Category : Digital Strategy, Information Architecture, Prototype Design, Hosting & Development
  • Date : 2018