National Acoustic Laboratories

National Acoustic Laboratories

Posted March 2, 2018


The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is the research division of Australian Hearing. NAL is a world leader in research into hearing assessment, hearing loss prevention and hearing rehabilitation. The research that NAL conducts is critical to helping people lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

The results of NAL’s research are published in leading journals and are also available to clinicians and other users of the research.

The Challenge

NAL had an extensive offline database of noise events but were limited to using manual spreadsheet extracts when sharing it with other researchers. NAL wanted to bring the database online via a website to reach a wider audience.

 The Results

The NOISE database website provides users with an online search interface to interrogate the NAL NOISE database and source data on noise events. Users have the option to view their search results online or as a downloadable file.

Researchers can also upload their own noise data to contribute to the database. Through rigorous validation, the site standardises the way noise data is recorded (ensuring all data entries are usable and comparable) and sets the benchmark for noise data collection in Australia.

Bitcraft developed an information architecture that ensures that the site search and upload tools are easy to use, whilst maintaining scientific integrity. Behind the scenes, Bitcraft developed a CMS that enables NAL to manage both the site content and noise data, and to monitor all data uploaded for contribution to the database.

  • Category : Digital Strategy, Data Engineering, Development
  • Date : 2016
  • Client : National Acoustic Labs
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